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How to Insert PDF into Word with Different Ways?

"I tried to insert a multiple page PDF into a Word document and found that only the first page of the PDF shows up in their document. Is there any method to insert multiple page PDFs into Word, so I don't need splitting the PDF into individual single page files and inserting individually? Please help! Thanks."

If you have got the same problem and need to insert PDF into Word, no matter the whole PDF file or just part of them, you would find the suitable way to do that in this article. Here we would like to introduce several methods to help all kinds of PDF users to add PDF pages into Word easily. You can go on reading and select the way you need. Hope helps!

Methods to Insert PDF into Word Document

Method 1: Convert PDF to Word

The first way and actually the best way is to convert the entire PDF file into a Word document and then simply copy and paste the pages. With this method, you can directly get the Word format content from the objective PDF. You can basically convert a PDF to Word using a free online file conversion service called when you connect network. If you are using Mac OS X, we suggest you convert PDF files to Word with the best PDF to Word for Mac, with the main interface as shown. You can choose the page range to convert and the output Word will remain the original layout.

mac pdf to word converter

Method 2: Insert PDF as Image

Some people like to insert PDF to Word file as an image. You can try this method if you like. For Mac users, please free download the powerful PDF to Image Converter for Mac and complete the whole PDF to image conversion with only a few mouse clicks. Or you can choose to capture the PDF screenshot with Windows inbuilt "Print Screen" function to save PDF page as image. Then insert the image through Insert > Picture > From File and select it.

insert pdf as image to word

Method 3: Extract Text from PDF to Word

If you only need to insert some text contents from PDF file to Word document, you can simply open PDF with Adobe Reader and save PDF files as text in the drop down list of "File", then copy the text to your Word. It's really easy to operate and the Adobe Reader is free of charge.

add pdf text to word

Method 4: Insert PDF with Plugin

If you want to try some distinctive methods to add your PDF file into Word, here we would like to show you a new way. You can insert multiple pages from a PDF into Word using Insert_PDFs (to Word) from This works right from Word (Office 2000-2010) using an Insert PDFs button. There is a free version that inserts a couple of pages from a PDF to Word.

OK, that's all. Now you have known how to insert your PDF content to Word with four different ways. Which way do you like best? Just open your PDF file and get down to it by yourself. Have a good day!