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How to Delete PDF Pages on Mac?

Have received a few created PDF documents from your colleagues which you need to use at a big conference on your Mac computer, but find some blank pages within the PDF files? What do you intend to deal with this problem? Send them back and let your partner to deal with it? Oh, no! You don't need to do that, for it's so simple and easy to delete PDF pages on Mac thanks to the helpful built-in PDF app for Mac - Preview.

Preview is a free application that Apple includes in all Macs will accomplish the same task to delete pages within PDF on Mac without costing you anything. In this way, you don't have to download and pay for the Adobe Acrobat. If you have never use the Preview before, here we would like to show you how to use it to delete PDF pages step by step.

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Guide: How to Remove Pages from PDF file with Preview on Mac

Step 1: Open PDF

Run your PDF file with Preview on Mac. Generally, it should be default to open with Preview, but if not, you can right-click on the file and select Open With Preview.

Step 2: Set View Mode

For deleting pages for PDF file, you have to view PDF with sidebar. If it’s not visible, you can display the sidebar by clicking View > Sidebar > Thumbnails, or pressing Command-shift-D to make it visible.

Step 3: Delete Pages

In this step, you can select the target page you want to delete, and then go to Edit > Delete remove PDF pages. For deleting more than one pages, you can select several pages at one time and delete them in the same way.

Step 4: Save File

At last, don't forget to save your changed PDF file. Choose File > Save to overwrite the original PDF document with the updated one we just created, or choose File > Save As to save the new version with the deleted pages to a new file.

Done! Now we have finished all the steps about how to delete PDF pages on Mac computer with the smart Preview application. Is that easy? Open your PDF file and try it by yourself at once!